Have you ever wondered if, “You’re doing it wrong.” when it comes to contacting candidates?  Finding the perfect resume is great, but it’s virtually useless if you are unable to make contact with the owner of that resume.

Recruiting Associates has found that our initial candidate approach tends to work best via email.  It’s a tried and true method that pays the most dividends for us.  We use our email outreach as a way to grab a candidate’s attention.  We also make every effort to highlight the aspects of our opportunity that we surmise would be most appealing to the candidate.   Email tends to be the least intrusive way to engage candidates; and the candidates can respond to our messaging on their own schedule.  In short, we like it!

Once we have some sort of dialogue with a candidate, we will sometimes move in to a more in-depth phone conversation.  We’re not big fans of texting or contacting candidates through Facebook, but I would be curious to hear from those recruiters that use those methods.   How does it work for you?

I came across the following article and thought it did a great job of covering this topic.


Whatever method you use, here’s to it working well for you!


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